Saturday, July 4, 2015

Day 38: Scottish Countryside

One of the best things about train rides is the opportunity to see a part of the land that you will not see when you are flying in. Sometimes trains go through places that even cars can't get through.

I arrived in Scotland at the best time, I've been told that Scotland has maybe three weeks of summer and the rest of the time is cold and wet. But it's that moisture that makes Scotland so beautiful.
The trees are of different shades of green, sometimes even on the same tree. The crops come in varieties of green that go from a deep green to a bright almost neon bright.
And I've been lucky the last few days because some of it has had beautiful sunshine and big fluffy clouds.

I was easily distracted from my hot, sometimes crowded train rides. But there were times when I felt privileged to see the passing landscapes of Scotland.
And on the trips, I would find myself singing inside of my head " the Bonnie Bonnie banks of Loch Lomond!"

I'm sure the other riders don't see the things I see because they see them every day, but therein lies the problem. Maybe if on or commute, regardless where we are, we should chance a glance out the window more often to see a bit of the scenery, because the internet isn't going anywhere but the scenery is flying past you.

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