Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Day 13: Bad Luck Day

On my first night, I had started to get a cough, I thought nothing of it because I began coughing when I lay down, so maybe it was just an allergic reaction to something.

But last night, the coughing continued through the night. I woke up stiff and with a scratchy throat. I didn't feel well. But I got up eager to make my breakfast of what I thought was bacon(it was ham). 

Oddly, I didn't finish the ham because it tasted way too salty, a strange reaction considering I've an appetite for salt that verges on requiring a salt lick. But as soon as I finished cleaning my morning dishes, I know something was just off. I had chills. So I lay down in bed again, this time in a flannel pajama bottom and my hoodie over my tank top and t-shirt. I lay in a stiff supine pose and felt my arms and legs leaden and fell asleep quickly

When I woke it was a good 5 hours later. I knew I was in trouble, I needed tea and more water. I was now coughing so much, my throat was beginning to hurt.

I ate a muffin and mustered my strength to make the tortuous walk to town. But even thought the sun was hot, I didn't sweat as I normally would have. It told me I was dehydrated. I went to the pharmacist where I was given some throat lozenges and some Vit C supplement.

I bough my groceries and made it back. I immediately made take and sat in the patio drinking tea with honey. 

Perhaps it is because it's the 13th day? Perhaps this is just a 24hr bug that will pass. I just hope it passes before Thursday when I have to leave this idyllic place and forge forth amidst the masses again.

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