Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Day 14: Sick on Vacation

It's a horrible feeling, away from all that is familiar and comforting. I woke up this morning not coughing as much as the day before because whatever had caused my cough had now dropped to my chest. 

Last night just as I fell asleep, I could hear my breathing, I was wheezing. So when I woke up this morning without a voice, I wasn't surprised nor happy. I've dealt with upper respiratory illnesses before and I know how they go. Rest and liquids and riding it out. 

This morning, I vowed not to leave the house, to stay and rest. No walking to town for me. That meant I had to concoct some helpful "cures" with what I had.

I had tea and honey, done. I wanted soup badly, but no soup stock. But I did have ham and eggs. So using only the ham, salt & pepper and one egg. I made a sad but necessary version of egg drop soup. 

As the day went on, I felt cheated of my time her in Greece, yesterday afternoon, wave runners roared past my cove and I was green with envy. That was what I had wanted to do, take that out and snorkel from wherever I decided to stop. I could have rented a scooter and gone up to find the ancient ruins of a church. So many things that would not be. 

But it has given me an even deeper appreciation for this little space I have, bereft of any other people, it's as if I had the chance to live in a deserted island. The birds were my companions, some singing sweetly, some were raucous black birds, the surf singing boldly and today the winds were calmer and moaning a mournful tune.

Instead I laid in bed hoping this illness would pass. I made sure I opened the curtains to let the light in and the fresh air. 

When I felt better, I rose and packed my things to prepare for my flight tomorrow. I knew that 4 days would not be enough in Greece. I hope that my illness clears soon and I can go back to enjoying the wonders of traveling and the sights, sounds, smells and culinary delights of these cities. 

I could not resist and took my sandwich out to the cove and enjoy the time it took to eat it and get some sun, enjoy the roll of the ocean and try to imprint the moments in my mind. The waters of the Saronic sea are as crystalline as I have read them to be, but how I wish I could have gone deeper and explored further.

Instead, that small effort, seemed to have rendered me weaker and my fever returned.

For now, I can only take to bed early and fight the fever hoping double digit hours of sleep will help, wish me luck.

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