Monday, June 1, 2015

Day 5: Three Cities One Day

Left London in the wee small hours of the morning, I was even up before the sun, but not by much.
I ate breakfast at the airport and when they said a bacon sandwich they meant it. I should have been succinct in also asking for eggs! It was just bacon(a lot of it) between two slices of bread. 

Copenhagen was cold. But the Tivoli Gardens were nice. I have no idea what I paid for it. I was kinda shocked when I had to pay for my sparkling water on the airplane! But since I have no Kronars at all I just paid everything with a card. Either I'm going to be mad that I passed up on some good cheap eats or write it off as YOLO.

I'm mad that I paid to get a SIM card that was supposed to give m 1g of data for 30days and I don't get it. I have to scramble and hope there is free WIFi otherwise I stand around looking stupid.

My tripadvisor didn't work without an Internet connection. I might have to do it the old fashion way, use a map!

So standing around Copenhagen's Central Station, I looked like the rest of the crowd looking confused. I just wanted to see the little mermaid. I also wanted to get a back pack because my messenger bag was starting to tear. 

Instead I wandered into some side street where the signs were "gentleman's club" "erotic life" "strippers". I finally turned back toward the main street of Vesterbrogade when I approached a corner where some guys were standing around yelling stuff. I think they were pandering. Of course they were rambling in Danish, so I can't be sure. But a country that has signs like this as advertising, could be why they are the happiest people in the world!

I got back in time to airport and the flight was beautifully quick, although the flight was delayed 30mins. And in the meantime, my internet on the phone wouldn't work! So I fretted and settled down, sat on the floor and basically looked like a refugee. 

When I landed in Amsterdam I was amazed because the airport was beautiful, it definitely had an energy. Maybe it was because of the chocolate stores or the floral shops with bright beautiful flowers?

This is the first country that didn't have English translations in their signs, but everyone spoke English. Although I was ready to do some entertaining hand signs & google images!

Eventually I found the right train to hop on, I didn't want to take a risk, this wasn't the Tube. It was about 30mins to central station but my directions were clear. 

I was delighted by all the bicycles and their designated lanes. Then the bicycles and motor bikes are allowed on the ferries too! I had to wait a good 5min until one ferry unloaded so I could pass! It was like watching a parade!

Now it's late and the waters of the canal are quieter, but I've never stayed on a boat before, no cruise before, but I wanted to try it. So tonight I'm on a boat for the next two days. I took Bonine, I don't know how many I should take, but it's a bit of a challenge to keep my stomach down.

But every year, I go somewhere I've never been and do something I've never done. I've fulfilled it already!

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