Sunday, August 1, 2010

City Center Las Vegas

Coffee Bar

The cabbies told me that the City Center just opened about a month before I got there, so sometime in June. Not everything is done, but the Aria Resort and Casino and the mall were open.

We came in through an overpass walk way. The mall inside was like every other high end mall. Their motto was, win it at the casinos, then come there to spend it. The only thing that really catches the eye is Mastro’s Ocean Club, a restaurant that has two seating areas, one gives the illusion that it is dangling in the middle of the mall.

The Aria casino was all dark wood that gave me the illusion that we were walking in the woods, I joke about calling it Hobbit town. It had plenty of slots, high ceilings so breathing was easy. 

I won money at the ‘Amazing Race’ slots, don’t laugh, it’s an interactive slot machine that lets you paw and pound on the touch screen so you can ‘run’ around the world and accumulate money. I won $145, so I’d play the game again. The trick to playing any of the slots is to ignore the dollar amount, but make sure you look at the points instead.

But what I noticed more than anything was the retail stores and restaurants that ringed the main floor. There were so much more temptations in this casino than just the gambling tables and slots.
Jean Philippe Patisserie

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