Sunday, August 1, 2010

Excalibur and Luxor Hotels

I include this in one post because these aren’t the same property but they are connected by a moving walkway.

The Excalibur is an older property; the ceiling in the casino isn’t as low as at Harrah’s but the air cleaning system isn’t working too well. It smells of stale cigarettes and desperation. I walked through the lobby late around midnight if not later and watched a woman pushing a stroller w/her baby asleep w/the bottle hanging out of her mouth. Her mother was visibly upset but wandering around a casino. Go figure.

There is a fairy tale theme to Excalibur, obviously. Princesses and knights in shining armor abound. But it is another large property just crawling with people.

But I checked out the Luxor and took a moving walkway that was an overpass bridge between the two hotels.

The Luxor was much better, the ceilings higher, the air better and more maintained.  They also had a really good breakfast buffet there.

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