Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Venetian Casino & Resort

The Venetian is large and full of ambition, a canal in the middle of Las Vegas? You can ride a gondola on the outside and in the inside. Walking inside, you have to look up at the ceilings. Take the moving sideway that takes you up past Madame Tussaud’s museum. The walkway moves you past the bridge, grab the railing the tilts (both up and down) will startle you if you aren’t paying attention, which I wasn’t, so I almost fell over.
Follow the crowd and you’ll walk into the main entrance, stop and look up; there is a ceiling fresco the tries to challenge Michaelangelo, but fails. Stay on this floor; follow the signs for the retail stores and the “Grand Canal”. As you walk through you’ll notice how pricey the stores are, then when you walk out to the courtyard, look up at the bright blue ‘sky’ and the seemingly moving clouds. The ceiling is sloped to make the effect.

The gondoliers do sing, but in the mad crush of the crowd, you have to find a nice spot to hear them. And although they look very expert with the tiller, it’s a motorized gondola, they work it with their feet.

The resort is just crowded with people, but the suites are opulent. The suite my friend stayed in was 1,500 square feet. It was bigger than some apartments in Chicago! The photos are a bit dark because we couldn’t figure out how to work some of the lights. It was like that.

As if it weren't enough, there's a flat screen TV in the sitting area, in the bedroom, but do you really need on in the bathroom as well? Just in case you do, they put one in there.

The Venetian is the hotel Michael Jackson made famous because he liked shopping at the Regis Galerie. They have a flat screen TV on the front window, showing the famous interview when MJ walked the interviewer around the store.

July 22, 2010

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