Sunday, August 1, 2010

Planet Hollywood Casino & Resort

I went over to greet another member of our group who was staying at the Planet Hollywood Casino & Resort. Now that was a nice room.

His room was a shrine to the movie “Sleepless in Seattle”. It included the teddy bear the little boy was carrying in the movie!

He had a view of the southern part of the strip and this beautiful view of the Bellagio.

We had snacks at the Diamond Players Club where I was first introduced to a Tokyo Tea. A potent little drink, it’s a Long Island Tea, but substitute Coke with Midori. I walked around with the thing in my hand because I knew it would have been lethal to drink the whole drink. I think it was just amazing that you can walk away from your table with a drink in your hand and wander around.

The casino floor is spacious with high ceilings so I really didn’t feel the smoky air. There was an area called the Pleasure Pit, it is a circle of tables surrounding a table with a two dancing poles and since it was a Wednesday night, there was only one girl. As the time I wasn’t too sure I was allowed to take pictures, otherwise I would have been an absolute dingbat. As it is, I’ll have to leave it to the imagination.

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